The Baby Question

Do You Need Support to Answer Your Baby Question?

Confusion about whether or not to have children is more common than you think. Nowadays many happy and successful people are asking if having a baby is the right choice for them. If this is you, we can help!

Would you like an unbiased expert to talk to about whether having kids is the right choice for you?

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  • Exhausted and confused from constantly struggling to decide whether or not to have kids 
  • Fear that you will regret having children or not having children 
  • Endless worry about how having children will change you and your life 
  • Concerned about money and the financial impact of raising children
  • Overwhelmed and alone because everyone else seems to have this figured out 
  • Fear that you and your partner will always disagree about having children 
  • Lost because life didn’t turn out as you expected 
  • Fear that you won’t find the right partner for raising a child 
  • Unsure about the right time to have a baby 
  • That you don’t deserve to have children 
  • Afraid to "screw up" your child 
  • Pressure from family, friends, or society 
  • Like time is running out….
Should I have children

If this is you, we can help! 

The Baby Question Program:

We create a safe and supportive place for clients to explore and discover whether or not having children is right for them. 

We work with both women and men individually as well as couples. 

Our program is free from any judgement. We have no hidden personal, political, or religious agenda in your choice. Our only goal is to guide you to your unique truth. 

Our program empowers you to make a clear choice that you feel good about. You can expect to: 

  • Be listened to by a caring professional 
  • Explore all of your options 
  • Find useful and objective information 
  • Understand your feelings 
  • Use decision-making strategies and exercises 
  • Be clear and confident about your choice 
  • Feel supported and understood 
  • Know how to communicate your choice to others 
  • Gain strategies to be fulfilled and satisfied with either choice throughout your life
Freedom from anxiety

Top Benefits of The Baby Question Program: 

  • Relief from worry, stress, anxiety, ambivalence, and uncertainty!
  • Be empowered to make the right choice for you 
  • Break through barriers that are fueling your indecision and confusion  
  • Learn what is important to you and enhance self-awareness 
  •  Get unstuck and move confidently into the next phase of your life 
  • Feel clear and confident about your choice 
  • Uncover how societal pressures are influening you
  • Have confidence when talking to others about your choice 
  • Freedom from reacting to what others say, do, or post on social media
  • Create a vision for your life and make a plan to reach your goals 
  • Explore how your past is impacting this decision
  • Navigate relationship issues that might be interfering with making a choice 
  • Find effective ways to communicate with your partner about having or not having children 
  • Gain time to focus on and do other things 
  • Finally answer the question, “Do I want to have a baby?” 
Relief from baby anxiety

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